Trip Report Day Thirteen: Everything is Awesome

This report is different because I’m writing it on a plane and my phone says it’s 3:54 am, but the local time in London is actually 8:54 am.

Yesterday, after I had everything packed and ready, I didn’t do very much. I went downstairs and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for a couple hours except this time I couldn’t bring myself to watch through the graveyard scene. For some reason, I couldn’t bear the thought of Cedric dying. Maybe it’s because of all my Hufflepuff pride.

Eventually it was time to go to the airport, so we all piled into Grandad’s car and he drove us there. He drove us to the American Airlines gate and not British Airways. I had some concerns about this, and so did Grandma, but Grandad said he thought they were all the same, so we went in at that terminal area. As suspected, British Airways does not equal American Airlines. We had to walk a ways before getting to the check in place.

Once we got there, we checked our bags without issue, but then the people started giving Grandma a hard time about the scooter. They said that since the battery was Lithium Ion, she’d have to check it. Grandma spent some time arguing with them about how it would fold up and fit in the coat closet. Finally, the crew people put a tag on the scooter and said they’d have to see if there was room on the plane to store it and if not we’d have to gate check it. I was skeptical but we moved on.

The next stop was the Chesapeake Club which is the first class lounge. It was quiet in there and an array of food and drink were available. Most of it was fruit, vegetables, and sandwiches. Stuff you could eat with your hands. There was also soup, but they provided spoons for that. I had limited options, so I decided to go somewhere in the airport to get something.

It was my understanding that once past security, I’d be able to go anywhere in the airport to any of the other terminals, but in reality, I could only go to terminals E and D and the rest were restricted and I’d have to go back through security. Since I only brought my wallet and phone with me, that wasn’t an option. I was still hopeful though because there were signs in terminal D for restaurants that sounded like they served salad. I was sort of correct about this.

I went to the first restaurant which had made to order sandwiches and such. On the menu they advertised two salads, one of them without croutons. The line for this place was moving very slow, but I figured at least I would get something to eat right? Wrong. When I got to the counter, the guy making sandwiches was all “these are the only salads I have sweetheart” and pointing to trays of pasta salad that were almost empty. I was mad because he was standing there telling people that they ran out of paninis and some bread types, but he said nothing about salads. So I suddenly couldn’t eat anything there and I’d wasted like 15 minutes standing in line. I was very frustrated at this point, but there was still one more place that seemed like they had salad for me to eat so I went there. Unfortunately, all this place had was premise Chicken Cesar salad and al of them had croutons. Disheartened, I went back to the lounge, now upset that I’d spent so much time looking for food and exhausted because I hadn’t found any and hadn’t eaten in several hours. I took some asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, a bag of chips, and an apple when I got back to the lounge. Not a very glamorous dinner, but better than nothing.

Shortly after I returned to the lounge, it was time to go to the gate to harass the people there about the scooter. Woo hoo.

Once at the gate, my father texted me to ask if I wanted to call before I left and then immediately FaceTimed me without waiting for a response. I welcomed this anyway and FaceTimed with them for a few minutes while Grandma harassed the gate people about the scooter. My sister gave me some poor advice about what to do if the plane crashes and my parents said to have a safe flight which was more comforting. They hung up and Grandma returned to where we’d been sitting. She alternated between educating me on her father’s side of the family and talking to an nice elderly woman who sat down next to us.

Closer to boarding time, the flight people let us fold up the scooter (which I did without any problems really) and they stored it in the coat closet just fine, so we didn’t have to gate check it! We boarded the plane and got our first class seats which were super cool.

First of all, the first class seats are kind of like pods. The chairs can fully recline into a bed and there’s a footrest that folds down across from the seat. Seats next to each other face opposite directions. I faced the front of the plane and grandma faced the rear. In between our seats is a privacy screen that goes up and down. The tray tables fold out and then you unfold them a second time to get the full sized tray table for when you’re eating your meals. The screen is equipped with several entertainment options including games. Grandma and I played trivia for the first part of the flight, and I did way worse because I wasn’t paying attention to anything from 2003-2013 which is when the trivia was made. The remote for the tv is really cool and comes in it’s own wall panel by the seat and has a cord attached to it so you don’t lose it or drop it. On one side it’s a regular remote and on the other side it has gaming functions like XYAB buttons and a joystick type thing and a whole keyboard.

The flight crew passed out our little pouch things that had toothbrushes and sleeping masks and stuff in them and then gave us bottles of water as well. They offered me champagne or water in a glass but I didn’t see the use in that since they’d just given me a whole bottle of water.

They gave me a menu and then took it away when I told them I was gluten free. They brought out my meal and I switched from playing trivia to watching episodes from season 2 of Friends. I forgot how funny that season is, but it was hilarious (of course). For dinner I had a salad, a gluten free roll, some fruit (which was actually supposed to be dessert), chicken, rice, veggies, and some roasted tomato thing. By the time I’d eaten, it was getting late, so I watched one more Friends episode and then went to sleep.

I put my sleeping mask on when I went to bed, but when I woke up I could see and was confused since that’s not how sleeping masks work. I had pushed it up onto my forehead apparently. I got up around an hour before the flight was to land which is also breakfast time. I had more fruit and an apple muffin thing (it was really good).

Now we are almost ready to land. We just saw London and suburbs out the window and are rapidly descending through the clouds. The plan now is to wait and be last off the plane so Grandma can use the bathroom and then we’ll make our way through customs and get to where we need to be for the flight to Charles De Gaulle.

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